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We as a company

responsible and organized

Logistics is an indispensable part of the value chain. In the vast majority of industries, deliveries  must be made quickly and promptly to ensure uninterrupted production processes. We take on this task with full commitment every day in order to convince our customers with quality.

Customer orientation, reliability and short response times are a matter of course at MAX-Logistics. The organization of our processes not only ensures efficient and individual customer solutions. It also makes a significant contribution to keeping an eye on the price-performance ratio and being able to offer our customers conditions that are calculated in line with the market.

Our price stability makes us a long-term, fair partner in the logistics industry.

Our professionals in disposition

Competent employees who think for themselves enable us to plan reliably and react flexibly. Our dispatchers keep an eye on the requirements of our customers, the traffic situation and also the driving and rest times of our drivers and calculate so that the delivery actually arrives reliably.

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Logistics - proud driver or forwarder in

Our professionals on the road

Bring your goods where you want them

We train our drivers carefully and regularly so that your goods are in the best of hands with us. Our drivers work professionally and efficiently and are happy to adapt to any special features on site. We guarantee this through long-standing driver staff, as we attach great importance to long-term and fair working conditions.

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