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Flexible in use for you

MAX-Logistik has been on the road on behalf of its customers for more than 20 years. With experience, routine and know-how, our employees ensure that your delivery arrives at the right place at the right time. And if your schedule changes, we'll adapt our schedule to yours.

As a German, medium-sized and internationally oriented logistics company, we value efficient processes and short distances - also in order processing. We are aware of our responsibility for ensuring that our clients run smoothly. That's something you can rely on!


Your professional logistics service provider

We rely on MAXimum quality

The best point of contact for you

Businessman hand touching global network

our range

Competent service

Our customers trust in the strength of a logistics company that specializes in one thing above all else: to make it as easy as possible for you.

Experienced disposition

From our headquarters in Senden , our employees coordinate the use of our vehicles in Germany and neighboring countries. Our dispatchers know what is important and plan efficient processes for our customers so that your cargo arrives safely and as requested.

Modern technology

MAX-Logistik relies on the most modern telematics systems. In this way, we have an overview of the delivery status of each load and can react flexibly - to a changed traffic situation as well as to a short-term change in the order.

Specialized fleet

Our large-volume truck fleet is geared towards the efficient transport of light and bulky goods in particular. The vehicles are regularly serviced - because reliability is an important criterion for quality assurance.

Whatever the job, we can offer you the right transport solution. Contact us to make a reservation.

On the move with safety

Ready for any job

Proper load securing is just as natural for us as the cleanliness of the cargo hold of our vehicles.

We provide the necessary materials (tension belts, tension boards, side boards) for this.

Anyone who travels as much as we do at MAX-Logistik knows, of course, that road traffic can also be dangerous.

We sensitize and train our drivers so that they can react with foresight.

Of course, we strictly ensure that statutory driving and rest times are observed so that our drivers are always fit and rested on the road.

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